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What’s up everyone? I am posting on the blog after a really long gap. I am sorry I was so busy with navratri  couldn’t post much. But now i’ll be regular. Today I will be talking about female hygiene. I discussed about intimate wash and how to take care of intimate area in my last post. ( link ) In this post I’ll discuss about Sanitary pads, Panty Liners and their Importance.

This Post is in the collaboration with Bella Hygiene (bella’s Link). They were so generous that they send me a few (not a few but many) samples to try which includes:-


Panty liners is similar to sanitary pads but it is lighter, smaller and thinner.It is used daily to absorb vaginal discharge, light period flow and even light period flow.  Bella panty liner isImported from Europe. Panty liners are designed for daily use, ideal to protect underwear against white discharges, perfect for light flow during first and last days of period. Soft non-woven top sheet is very pleasant for the skin.. Air breathable materials let the skin breathe and protect the skin against rashes and irritations. Anatomical shape and only 3 mm thickness ensure discreet protection. Latex free construction minimizes the risk of allergic reactions


Price: INR 69 for 20 pieces

Here are the pros and cons of the poduct


  • very thin
  • dermatalogically tested
  • easily absorbs flow
  • don’t let stink
  • nice shape
  • affordable
  • latex free
  • soft and easy to use





  • Ultra-thin and super absorbent Bella Ideale sanitary pad created with you in mind ensuring your comfort and safety during the period. The sanitary towel has been covered with the innovative StayDrai™ outer material enriched with clean cotton which absorbs dampness immediately leaving the pad’s surface completely dry. Thanks to the Micro-capsules technology, it guarantees greater absorption compared to a standard ultra-thin sanitary pad. The AIR system ensures breathability and minimizes the risk of irritation.

  • This pad is very soft and is much better than other pads like stayfree ultra nights, whisper ones. I was not expecting much from these pads but they surprised me.. I am now gonna stick to these pads. Now let’s discuss pros and cons

price:- INR 190 f0r 14 pads


  • thin
  • extra soft
  • quiky absorbs flow
  • mild fragrance
  • doesn’t leak at all
  • doesn’t make you feel that you have applied a pad
  • non stinky
  • best for night time usage



Expensive than other sanitary napkins in the market


The only breathable ultrathin sanitary napkins in India. Recommended for active women who praise comfort, discretion and security.

– Air Breathability is the unique feature of Bella feminine care products which ensures proper air circulation for comfort and protection against skin irritations
– Silky Drai top sheet – innovative netting provides a great feeling of dryness
– Leakage Control System – unique formula based on magic gel technology. Absorbent pearls quickly transform liquid into gel and blue magic gel barriers make side leakages impossible
– Odour stop – special feature that helps to neutralize unpleasant smell and provides feeling of freshness
– 285 mm of length and  only 2 mm of thickness combined with high absorbency ensures security and discretion
– Recommended for day time and regular flow

Price:- INR 55 for 7 pads

now discussing pros and cons


  • quite soft and quickly absorb the flow
  • travel friendly
  • easily absorbs flow
  • mild fragrance
  • doesn’t make you feel that you have applied anything
  • doesn’t leak at all
  • Dermatologically tested


  • none

Bella Herbs Sanitary Napkins enriched with Tilia extract
The only sanitary napkins with herbal extracts in India which is Imported from Europe . Bella Herbs Tilia is unique line of products enriched with the herbal extract of Tilia known for its healing properties.Herbal extract soothes itching and burning of the skin, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. 100% breathability ensures free air circulation and protection against skin irritations. Exceptionally soft cover gives great feeling of softness, the best for sensitive skin. Magic Gel provides high absorbency and dryness. Odour Stop system protects against unpleasant smell. Now coming to the pros and cons of the product.

Price :- INR 75 for 12 units


  • travel friendly
  • easy to use
  • wings are nicely designed so that they can easily be attached to the panty
  • goodness of herbs extract
  • magic gel provides high absorbency and dryness
  • Dermatologically tested




Cotton pads with natural Aloe Vera extract to moisturize and soothe irritations. They are Imported from Europe and are of Premium Quality that are enriched with natural Aloe Vera extract that moisturizes and soothes skin irritation. They are made of 100% clean, soft and natural cotton fibres, delicate for all skin types. Now coming to pros and cons.

price:- INR 99 for 70 units


  • double sided
  • both sides can be used for removing makeup and are quite effective
  • can be used for babies
  • string makes it easy to hang in the dressing or bathroom
  • affordable
  • perfectly shaped
  • contains aloe extracts
  • Dermatologically tested
  • travel friendly packaging


  • Availabilty


I am quite satisfied with bella’s products and will definitely buy more products from them. Girls you should also check this brand out.



Written by Nitika Arora
I am Nitika Arora, the author and editor of The Geekie Style. I am 23 years old. I am currently pursuing MBA from Amity University, Noida. I just don't have many words to describe myself but I am fun and a lively person. Not all the things that I do end up being amazing but I try many things, be it beauty, fashion, makeup, food recipes or DIYs. With this blog I intend to share all my love for all the things that i try across the online community. You will find makeup and skincare reviews about the products that are launched in the market, Makeup looks, DIYs and many more things. I will try to make the blog experience best for you and definitely you will gonna love it. ​ ​ for PR or Collaboration related queries :-nitika168@gmail.com


  1. Dipika September 27, 2017 at 10:57 am Reply

    Thses look really good and promising product for the tough days and no rash is something I am in agreement with.

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    Very nice post, I am also an Amity Noida alumni. Proud to see your work

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    Seems to be a nice product, glad to see a new sanitary napkin in the market

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    They seem to be good, will try getting them someday! ⚡️

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    So many products… I didn’t know about this brand but it sounds really promising and gentle.. A must try

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    Let me search if I can get on e site, will try for sure, good if no rashes.

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    Bella products looks very well designed according to customer need and affordable prizes are they available in local market

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    Great review, will definitely try them the next time. 🙂

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    Product looks promising and I like your review too

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    This seems like a promising brand. Would definitely get my hands on these soon.

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    Very essential products you have got there. Today’s woman feel more confident when she has such nice range of products to assist her.

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    Bella products are awesome.. Will surely try this too

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    This looks so promising. Will try it for sure.

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    Look like promising products. Thanks for introducing this brand.

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    Nice post , these products seems too good and are in affordable price 🙂

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    All products look great but i am really excited to try out the cotton pads

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    These look promising products. Would try them for sure.

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    I’m A regular user of Bella’s cotton pads, but never know that they hv such good sanitary napkins and panty liners too. Will try next.

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    They look well designed and a must try

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