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Hope you all are doing fine! I was just wondering to share my experience about Bahala’s handmade soap with you guys. You people know that I am so obsessed with handmade soaps. Not only handmade soaps but everything which is organic, pure and handmade. So, in this post I will tell you why Handmade soaps are better than commercial soaps.

Usually soap companies spend millions each year on misleading advertisements. They claim to be all natural but if you look at the ingredient list then only you will come to know that these soaps are nothing but synthetic compounds such as chemical hardness, foaming agents and fragrances.

Even though a soap is marketed as natural doesn’t mean that it is all made of natural ingredients. It is better to check ingredient list before buying any soap. Anyway now I will tell you why I love Handmade soaps so so so much!


Glycerin is a natural skin softener that attracts water from the surrounding air. It helps in moisturising of the skin serving the purpose of both moisturiser and soap.


Handmade soaps contain 100% pure essential oils. This mean that not only you are getting the awesome aroma overtime but will also be benefitted by the therapeutic properties each essential oil have by using the soap.


Handmade soaps are made with such simplicity that they look all vintage yet classy that it is very difficult to resist using them.


Handmade soaps preserves the integrity of oils/fats/butters. for example If shea butter goes in the soap, shea butter will come out because of this the oil/fats/butter maintain their vitamins/minerals and skin loving qualities in the final soap product.

BAHALA's Soaps

BAHALA’s Soaps

Now coming to the review of Bahala’s Handmade Soap. Each soap is made up of all natural ingredients which is very beneficial for the skin. These soaps don’t contain any sort of chemicals and are very gentle on the skin. They moisturise the skin very well due to the presence of glycerin in these soaps. Each soap is loaded with lots of benefits according to its ingredient’s property.

Discussing Every soaps Property one by one


    Floral Garden soap

    bahala’s Floral Garden soap

    ingredients of floral garden soap

    ingredients of floral garden soap

    Floral garden soap contains chamomile which has anti-bacterial properties that help to clean and protect the skin. chamomile promotes general relaxation and helps to relieve stress. Kewra oil penetrates deeper into the skin for an overall moisturisation. Lemongrass has antibacterial properties which keeps the body odor away for a longer period of time. Olive oil and glycerin act as a natural moisturiser.


    Coffee and Oatmeal Soap

    Bahala’s Coffee and Oatmeal Soap

    ingredients of coffee and oatmeal soap

    ingredients of coffee and oatmeal soap

    Coffee and oatmeal contains coffee which is great for sensitive skin & has anti-oxidant and deodorising properties. Oatmeal may help to remove dead skin cells and is great for soothing and preventing dry, rough skin. Rose oil helps in getting glowing skin. Sunflower oil has anti-bacterial properties and glycerin has moisturising properties.


    Green Tea Soap

    Bahala’s Green Tea Soap

    ingredients of green tea soap

    ingredients of green tea soap

    Green tea soap contains green tea and aloevera extracts which is known to have anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties. It may slow down the signs of aging, improve complexion and not only clean but protect the skin. It also contains glycerin.


     Goat Milk and Shea Butter Soap

    Bahala’s Goat Milk and Shea Butter Soap

    Ingredients of goat milk and shea butter soaps

    Ingredients of goat milk and shea butter soaps

    Goat milk and shea butter soap contains goat milk which offers natural skin cleansing along with moisturising. Shea butter is an excellent source of vitamin A and E which are essential for skin. glycerin, jojoba oil are indeed the best moisturiser for skin.


    Bahala's Mango soap

    Bahala’s Mango soap

    ingredients of floral garden soap

    Ingredients of mango soap

    Mango soap contains mango butter which has skin softening, soothing and moisturising properties. It contains anti- oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti aging properties. Amla extract and Aloevera extract has anti bacterial properties. Sunflower, coconut oil and castor oil help smoothen the skin. Glycerin is a great moisturiser.


     Orange and Lemongrass Soap

    Bahala’s Orange and Lemongrass Soap

    ingredients of Orange and Lemongrass soap

    ingredients of Orange and Lemongrass soap

    Orange and Lemongrass contains orange oil which has antiseptic, soothing and purifying properties. Vitamin C in orange oil may help protect the skin from sun damage if used regularly. Lemongrass is an astringent and good for oily skin. Glycerin helps in skin moisturising.


Price:- INR 125 Each

My Overall Experience with these soaps are quite good. Their packaging is decent. I am loving these soaps a lot. They have made my skin a lot smooth, soft and hydrating. I will definitely going to repurchase these soaps and who wouldn’t? They care loaded with the goodness of so many natural ingredients. The best part is they are also cruelty free. Each soap can be used for 20 days if you are having bath daily. The only problem with these soaps are only available online and are not available in local stores. 🙁

Overall Rating of these soaps :- 9/10 (deducted 1 point because of their availability)

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    I always have this crave for handmade things, and now after reading the review, I am not missing out the chance of buying handmade soaps. The flavors seem amazing too.

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    I also always prefer handmade soaps for originally and good quality… Very well written

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